#EditOfTheWeek – Number 1 – Pow, Trust, Taillefer & BE

We don’t know what to do with this crew from the North and we don’t know if it’s skiing anymore, but it has certainly a very high awesomeness level. The guys are well-known for awesome new footage on unexpected locations with unexpected skills.

Riders: Verneri Hannula, Ilkka Hannula, Juho Kilkki
Editors & production: Real Skifi & Janne Korpela

B&E Invitational fun & friendy pre-contest backcountry pow day. Sick day.

Riders: B&E Invitational invites
Production: Downdays

We Trust Your Judgment from The Coterie on Vimeo.

New media production agency The Coterie presented ‘We Trust Your Judgment’, with urban segments, Japow, butters and American West Coast jibbing.

Riders: Lupe Hagearty, Dylan Mankley, Kevin Brower, Nicky Keefer, John Kutcher, Steve Stepp, Jonah Williams, Quinn Wolferman & Mitchel Brower.
Production: The Coterie

Leo TAILLEFER Full Part 2015 – Cruise Control from Gpsyfeelin on Vimeo.

Backcountry edit by Leo Taillefer, this awesome, mad, backcountry who hates sleeping too much or getting hurt, but love being off the slopes and on the mountain

Rider: Leo Taillefer
Production: Gpsyfeeling

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