Plukski is the first Dutch freeriding community. Just on the sticks. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Really?
Yes, just riding sticks, spread the word about freeskiing and freeriding. We will provide you every shitty thing that has to do with the world of skiing. New slopes, airtimes, tips&tricks, video content, fashion styling on slopes (and off-slopes hehehe;), best places, best powders, best pro’s, best rookies and all things that have to with the culture of our beloved sport.


Obviously, Plukski has started in order to achieve something, to bring something new. Our goals are to make the freeskiing and freeriding sport as big as possible and increase awareness. At the other hand, we from Plukski are Dutchies, and Dutch freeskiing and freeriding isn’t that big at all. So we want to create a new movement, a new direction in order to give the Dutch freeski life importance in the world. And without having actual slopes;).

The blog is for everyone, Dutch or Non-Dutch, for skiers and non-skiers, for pro’s and rookies, you just need to love snow and everything you are able to do with it.